We have a number of mailing lists you may subscribe and write to.

Mailing Lists

The links on the left will take you to the subscription form of the respective list, the ones on the right to the collection of prior postings.

  • adonthell-announce - [archive]

    A low-volume, read-only list used to inform about new releases.
  • adonthell-general - [archive]

    This list is for discussion of general issues, like new ideas or improvements of existing features. Comments, suggestions or criticism should be directed to this list.
  • adonthell-devel - [archive]

    Every discussion involving the actual development process takes place on the devel list. That includes the class design, implementation details and improvements to the existing code. If you run into troubles with Adonthell or want to submit patches, this is the right list.
  • adonthell-artwork - [archive]

    This list is intended for, but not limited to, discussion about in-game graphics and artwork. In general, it should be used for topics concerning the work on actual game content, much like the devel list is used to coordinate the coding process.
  • adonthell-commits - [archive]

    Whenever a change or new file is pushed to our central GIT repository, a mail goes to the adonthell-commits list. That way, developers can keep track of the work done by others.

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